Sunday, January 08, 2023

all cylinders


Kinda a crazy day.

In the middle of the day, I was full-throttle, full-multitasking, juggling all the chainsaws at once, gonzo doing stuff.

Astronomy stuff. 




Posted in Cloudy Nights. Continued email exchanges with the far-east astronomy association. Discussed with the Observing Committee the issues of paper atlases, or the lack thereof. Noted the RASC Observer's Handbook error being posted. Investigated selenographic co-longitude. Learned about His Majesty's Naval Almanac Office. Bookmarked an interesting article from the Journal of the RASC from 1965. Received a request from the Hamilton Centre. Received an acknowledgement about the Moon at Noon link I shared. Heard from the observing chair of the Edmonton Centre, feedback after our recent meeting. Updated the Publications Committee on the discovered error in my most recent order. Liaised with my Obs Comm team member representing the Kitchener-Waterloo Centre. Pitched the new SkyNews editor on a story idea. Followed up with a contact in the Victoria Centre, accepting the invitation to speak at a future beginner observers meeting, so to talk about double stars. Continued the dialogue with my St John's Centre contact on observing certificate matters. Asked the president who is responsible for editing certain content on the RASC website. Checked the weather conditions in the vain hope of observing. Checked the weather conditions and Moon phase in Halifax. Relayed an important observing certificate should be in the mail tomorrow. Received a note about a Local Certificate Centre rep stepping down. Recommended a computer accessory for a modern computer lacking an ethernet port, for an astrophotography rig. Downloaded Virtual Moon Atlas 7 to John Starbird. But remembered VMA was already installed on John Repeat Dance. Received Chris's Skylights. Drafted up notes on reviewing an ETM application. Looked into stockin' up on astro-themed hot sauce.

I think that's it...

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