Thursday, January 26, 2023

editing a custom location

Another question was raised in Tuesday's Stellarium computer level 2 course.

Again, I paraphrase: "Can you edit and rename a custom location?"

This came up when I was talking about the trick of using a special symbol ahead of the name proper (the exclamation point, for example), to make your favourite locations bubble to the top. The participant had custom locations but wanted to add the ! symbol.

I thought it doable but wasn't sure the exact steps or end result, as there's not an official edit button. 

Tested in Stellarium (1.2 on Linux).

You can edit, sort of. Let's have a look.

  1. In the vertical toolbar, click the Location Window button or press F6 (Fn F6 on some laptops).
  2. Click the Reset Location List button, if necessary, to show all entries.
  3. By browsing or searching, locate your old location profile. E.g. "my backyard."
  4. Enter a new label or additional characters in the Name/City field. E.g. "! my backyard."
  5. It's a good time to review other details. Is the lat, long, elevation, etc. correct?
  6. Click the Add to list button. Obviously, this does not truly edit the old location; rather, you will now have two custom locations for the same spot.
  7. Browse or search for the old entry. 
  8. Double-check you've selected the old, duplicate item to remove.
  9. Click Delete from list.

There you have it. A revised name.


I used to tell people they might use a digit or digits (1, 2, 3, etc.) to ahead of their favourite locations names. But I noticed today that doesn't work well now. It is because there are a bunch of sites in the software that start with an apostrophe, e.g. 'Ain el Bell in North Africa.

So, the exclamation (!) remains a good symbol to get things to the very top of the list.

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