Thursday, January 05, 2023

started the ETM edits...

Started a round of editing on the Explore the Moon materials.

Was wide-awake or not tired and itchy to do some work.

So I finally collated the ETM materials on the John Starbird computer. As I reviewed the ETM basic or standalone "guide", it looked like I had all the assets but one.

For the binocular version. The easiest, the smallest, of the documents.

Then, fired up Google Docs. That was a bit of a big deal. 

I was able to apply a number of the changes that were pending, such as the Latin name inclusion for lunar features.


Pretty happy with the overall result. It looks good in PDF form. It is ready for the team members to have a look-see.


Unknown said...

This is something I keep thinking of doing.

bla said...

And you are...?

Unknown said...

Grace lol