Thursday, January 05, 2023

disappointed with Sutherland

Crying wolf again... Scott Sutherland is screwing up people, again. He's trumpeting viewing the Quadrantid meteor shower when it is a full Moon! A full Moon! Man...

Does he really understand this?

Has he himself done this?

Has he observed a meteor shower?

He's listed as a meteorologist and science writer at the Weather Network. I've said it before—I'll say it again—he is not an astronomy expert.

I challenge him. Go outside and try to spot a meteor during a full Moon evening. Come on, take the challenge!

Good luck.

This is grinding my gears because I think it in the long-run he's hurting people. He's creating all the buzz and hoopla and when people go out they don't see anything. So they will get disgruntled and discouraged and jaded.

"To give a false alarm."

He needs to stop doing this.

Stop this nonsense.

If he wants to boost astronomy content on the web site, he needs to talk about things that are easy and practical and doable and fun. Hello, the planets easily spotted right now. The incredible winter constellations and the stunning star colours. Look at the Moon, when it's not full! Sheesh.

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