Friday, April 08, 2022

tried to help

Phoned Melody and Bruce to answer some SkyTools questions.

Help The big issue was that the observing list I had sent was not showing all the objects. I suspected some filters were blocking some of the targets.

I verified they had the correct list by checking the total number of entries. But half were filtered out.

I showed the Reset Filters command. Didn't work.

I verified the Quality, Constellation, and other filters were not active. No improvement.

We tried a different instrument. We verified her telescope was configured correctly.

We tried a dark sky location. No change.

We checked the time sliders. Both at mid-day, 12 noon.

I had them check the observer characteristics. Perhaps too restrictive... We created a youth with big pupils. Ah ha! I few more targets appeared.

I was flummoxed. 

It was then that Bruce did something and suddenly all the items appeared. 

Melody jumped. "What did you do?!"

He had unchecked the checkbox in the Generate Plan section.

Oh my. It was dramatically reducing the entries. I was able to recreate the situation in my software.

I thought it odd as it was my impression the plan option simply arranged the targets into a good order. But it was clearly applying some criteria. In addition, it was not affected by the Reset Filters command.

Anyhoo. It was working good.

I owe Bruce a beer this time!

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