Thursday, April 07, 2022

chatted with Hyde

Phone Dr Elaina Hyde of York University.

Hyde told me about the new Astronomer In Residence program. A summer-long program to have a skilled telescope operator and science educator at the park. A couple of times a week they would run astronomy events at the park for visitors. They hoped to simulcast some events in conjunction with activities at the Allan I. Carswell Observatory at the university campus.

She shared links with me and I had a look at the materials.

the AIR program poster

I explained my role at the national level and what we did in the Observing Committee. I specifically mentioned the Explore the Universe certificate program being available to the general public. I think she liked that as a potential badge of honour for people visiting the park.

I suggested some avenues for Hyde to consider to seek out applicants including the RASC Weekly e-newsletter, the RASC Bulletin, and reaching out to Ontario-based RASC Centres.

Then she said I was welcome to apply.

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