Thursday, April 28, 2022

learned of invitation

Melody forwarded a message. It was something president Judy B sent out to the Halifax members. An invitation to members to submit session proposals for both Saturday and Sunday sections of the GA. 

I guess now that I'm disassociated, I don't receive messages directed to the membership...

It was a request from RASC General Assembly Committee.

Melody wondered if might consider presenting a talk on double stars...

Individuals or small teams could present on some aspect of astronomy: a personal research project, participation in Citizen Science, a presentation on some activity that is a particular success in a centre, a personal passion project, historical research, or any other topic that is important to them.

I read over the original message.

Yes. Yes I do think I could do a talk on double stars, a redux of my recent presentation to Montreal, emphasising that anyone can do citizen science, with relatively simple setups.


I asked the team.

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