Saturday, April 30, 2022

heard from AAS

Ha! It worked.

My Cloudy Nights thread generated an official reply!

We heard from Kevin Marvel, AAS Executive Officer and Sky & Telescope Publisher (and, keeper of Willmann-Bell books too).

He explained the many challenges they are facing but conveyed that things are improving.

He thanked us for sharing our concerns.

And he directly addressed me.



Kevin sent me a private message in the CN system.

We discussed my issue with Haas's book.

He shared that in the transfer to the new owners, essentially poor record keeping prevented AAS from knowing the full product line offered by the Sky & Telescope publishing. Disappointed but hopefully my poking the bear would correct that.

Then he relayed the bad news. The book was not in stock in Ohio, England, or Australia.

He said he would consider a republication in the future.

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