Sunday, June 27, 2021

the third day

Attended day 3 events in the RASC General Assembly. The national council meetings were closed. Or were initially until some gentle protesting. Then in there was a meet-the-staff planned. But it turned out this was a very casual walk-around and chat type of thing. I suggested to Jenna that staff update their avatar description so that members unfamiliar with the staff would know who was who. Watched the "Mars Madness" panel discussion which was interesting. Had a quick dinner during the break and then attended the Annual General Meeting. During the Committee Reports segment, I updated members on 2020 activities with the Observing Committee. There was some drama at the end but overall it seemed a good meeting. I was blown away when Robyn Foret quoted me from Dr Hilding Neilson's talk!


Pitched Brendon of Thunder Bay about the Local Certification Centre function. And asked if their web site could be updated for the newer RASC observing programs. He said he'd look into it.


Heard from Lauri and Linda, from the national EPO committee. We're going to get in touch to talk about their new observing program.

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