Friday, June 18, 2021

heard from Sim Curr

A response came in from the Simulation Curriculum crew, triggered by my query to Pedro.

From David W with Rosalind H and Keiron S copied.

He advocated using the LiveSky tool for managing observing lists. I shared that I had (after a time) figured that out on my own. 

He went on to say that one can share a list via the web and it makes a publicly accessible link. Good. I do see the broader benefits of the LiveSky environment.

I told the Sim Curr team that I had run into a lot of old documentation and confusing countermanding notes but that I appreciated they had limited resources and hadn't gotten around to updating things.

Near the end, he said this:

If you absolutely positively want to be a dinosaur, and "email" an old style observing list or host it on your own server (yuck!).

Wow. Don't know quite what to think of that.

I said that I appreciated the suggestion about email (such that it is) but told him it was throwing I/O errors. So that was broken. Perhaps they should not advise people to use that right now.

Just confirms my feelings. The company is incompetent.

It's a good app but their support systems suck. 

If a user is not tech savvy, they'll be screwed with all the problems.

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