Sunday, June 20, 2021

received SN Jul-Aug '21

SkyNews! Received my copy! Woo hoo. The July/August 2021 edition.

cover of Jul-Aug '21 SkyNews
There are pictures of the northern lights and an article on Apollo 15.

Brian Ventrudo discusses summer meteor showers. Nicole Mortillaro and Chris Vaughan help us find deep-sky objects.

Alan Dyer reviews SharpStar’s a small refractor.

Ivan Semeniuk reports on dark matter research in Canada.

And Elizabeth Howell reports on students and teachers contributing to real space science.

Showed Rhonda my piece, my "Hacking Your Scope" article.


The online article snippets shows my custom dew heater controller "None More Black," ha ha!

snippet of my "hacking" article

Hack on!

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