Wednesday, June 16, 2021

ooh, that's why

A day or two ago, I received another request to take a Stellarium training course. It appeared to be in reaction to the recent RASC notice. And later I confirmed the person had heard about it by this communication.

I asked the Executive Director how this could be. 

There are, and have always been, a few non-members who receive our email bulletin, having signed up from the website.

I was surprised. I had no idea. I just assumed the RASC Weekly and RASC Bulletin were in-reach channels. 

Do other contributors know this?! I asked this question but it was not answered.

I suggested they include a sales pitch. That was noted.

I don't have a problem per se with it including externals. 

But it means now that my notices on the RASC national calendar need to include the text "for members only" somewhere. If I'm lucky, that will get scraped into the RASC e-news post. Hrm.

This explains why, for a while now, I've been getting the odd non-member query...

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