Sunday, June 20, 2021

happy solstice

How did the Sun greet you today?

I was treated to another beautiful day, pleasant temperatures, low humidity, partly cloudy but intense Sun at times. It sure looked like people were getting thunderstorms and rain somewhere. Watched the setting Sun trace long angled lines across the grass. Around dinner time, I saw the waxing Moon before heading indoors—the mosquitos were taking a great deal of interest in me.

We're at the solstice, the June solstice, when the Sun is moving from Taurus to Gemini, when the Sun furthest from the celestial equator, in this case, as far north as it can go.

the analemma

In the northern hemisphere of this little planet, that means the Sun will rise and set nearly it mostly northern extent, and will climb to its highest point in the daytime sky (during the day before or after). And that means summer time! Everything is flipped of course on the other side of the planet; it's winter season in the southern hemisphere with a shallow Sun angle.

The Sun is still...

I have always loved summer. I like the warmth of the Sun on my skin, bright blue skies, the green trees, all the fragrances in the air, all the animals and the birds and most of the bugs. I could do without millipedes and mozzies. I saw a marmot in the backyard a couple of days ago and I smelled the skunk. Today I listened to the cardinals and jays and robins and the hungry baby starlings. 

The only thing I don't like about the summer is the short night. Really gotta be on your game during an astronomy session.

I am grateful for my nice backyard. I am happy to be healthy. Many don't have what I have. We gotta fix that.

I think I carry in my heart a big dash of optimism. I hope we're making this world a better place. 

For all. For everything.

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