Thursday, June 17, 2021

more time I can't get back

More time wasted.

After hours of tests, experiments, reboots, researching, reading, I was still getting no where.

What I could do:

  • copy .skylist files into the Android/data... files/Observing Lists folder
  • use and edit observing lists on the phone

What I could not do:

  • see .skylist files into the Android/data... files/Observing Lists folder
  • and since I could not see, I could not copy 
  • email an observing list from within the phone app

So this created a bad situation. A very bad situation. I had edited and improved some observing lists that I now wanted to share with others. Can't. Can't copy or email the files.

locked out

The file visibility issue might be an Android problem. 

But then, why can I see the .skyset files in the Saved Settings and the .skydat files in SkyData? Huh?

The I/O error inside SkySafari 6 Plus on Android is clearly a problem caused by Simulation Curriculum. Uh huh.

No answers on the Sim Curr community forum.

No reply to an email to Pedro.

No ideas from Chris.

No helpful explanation in the on-board help.

No helpful explanation on web-based user manual.

No answers over in Cloudy Nights.

Just tried the "cloud" LiveSky feature and it looks like it might work. Even that was not without challenges! Dumb dumb things encountered. There's a "download" button for each observing list, thank the Universe!

I am obviously tech-savvy with programming experience with an educational background and a good technical writer and I am aghast! It is mind-bogging how bad this whole experience has been.

And they wasted a bunch more hours today.

Simulation Curriculum is clearly in trouble.

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