Thursday, June 08, 2017

the view from Ontario

Rhonda asked me about the particulars of the solar eclipse. For home or for the Greater Toronto Area. I ran some simulations in SkySafari and Stellarium to determine the local circumstances.

1:10 PM first contact
1:21 PM Sun near meridian
2:27 PM mid-point, roughly
3:48 PM fourth contact

People in Ontario would not get second or third contact...

snapshot from SkySafari at mid-eclipse for Ontario viewers

At first contact, the Sun would be about 57° up and around 175° azimuth. So almost due south. A little ahead (or left) of the meridian.

At the mid-point, the Sun would be about 54° above the horizon and at 208° azimuth.

When the Moon stopped blocking the Sun, Sol would be at 45° and 235°. Still well up; to the south-west.

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