Thursday, June 08, 2017

stacked the Moon

Stacked the Moon shots using last night's data. Used Digital Photo Pro and Photoshop.

First with the Canon kit lens at 55mm, fully zoomed.

multiple exposures of the Moon with lens zoomed fully to 55

Then with the lens at 35mm, mid-way.

multiple exposures of the Moon with lens zoomed mid-way to 35

I like both but for different reasons. In the end, the 35 is nice while Luna is a little small. I'll be able to get more frames in at 35.

I remembered the APC factor, 1.5 or 1.6, for the 40D Canon body. So the 35mm lens is like a 55 while the 55mm is like 85. This means shooting at 35 is comparable to Espenak's shot I was trying to mimic.

I find a spacing is rather generous. Possibly I could drop to 4 minutes?


MAK said...

Very cool! (Even though, you know, it's the moon.)

bla said...