Sunday, June 25, 2017

enjoyed OHAP 2017

What a wonderful OHAP! I was feeling under the weather and concerned about the real weather but had a fantastic time at the Carr Astronomical Observatory.

Rhonda and I enjoyed the excellent views of the Sun in hydrogen-alpha. Rhonda enjoyed the Bruce Trail hike and flying Doug's beautiful "cathedral" kite. The rocket launches were super-fun, as usual. I'll share my on-rocket videos soon. Congratulations to all the RASC Toronto Centre award recipients: well-deserved. As my cold symptoms flared up, it was good to chill at the fire pit.

Thanks to the supers Sue, Chris, Steve, and Dietmar. Thanks for the all the volunteers, lead by Grace, who organised and ran the Open House and Awards Picnic. And a special shout out to Sue for rubbing her unicorns together to make for beautiful skies day and night. Sorry we had to split early. Well done, crew! The place looked amazing. Thank you.


Ian D was official photographer and he uploaded pix to his flickr gallery. One of my rocket videos (so far) is available in the RASC Toronto Centre YouTube channel.


Dietmar shared his video production with my aerial and Steve's ground footage.


Got a couple of tasks done too. Returned the portable SQM meter and some dishes borrowed. Vetted the small motor start-up instructions (thanks, Ed). Tuned Chris's mount-control profile for power and screen-saver issues. Returned some building materials to Ian W. Returned licence plates and 2017 calendars to Tony.

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