Saturday, June 24, 2017

captured rocket launch 2 video (Blue Mountains)

Wanted to try recording a rocket launch with a camera onboard the rocket. Learned that many people used the tiny "808 keychain" camera for this application as it is light-weight, has a self-contained power source, and can record onto a microSD card.

Complete raw video files coming soon...

After seeing the first video and knowing that it was working with a good field of view, I remounted the camera in the same spot. The second video appeared better with less break-up. The rocket also spent more time vertical yielding better views.

Below are screen grabs from the second video file.

rocket on pad, igniter wires attached

On the launch pad. All systems are go!

dual class D engines starting

Engines are running.

dual class D engines running

And we have lift-off.

rocket well above launch platform

The rocket has cleared the tower. Fin #3 reinforcement holding...

rocket well above field, THO visible

Beginning roll program. No unusual vibration.

rocket rolling, east horizon visible

Rocket travelling downrange, on target.

rocket vertical after chute deployment

Stage 1 chute deployed.

descending toward south field and MODLs

Stage 1 returning to landing zone. Recovery team deployed.

rocket descending, Observing Pad and GBO visible

Landing zone in sight.

volunteers heading toward rocket for recovery

Recovery team on the move. Visual identification of rocket descent.

rocket landing just south of MODLs in tall grass

Touchdown. Stage 1 slightly south of target landing zone.

rocket recovered from field

Recovery team at site. Rocket intact.

recovery team member

Recovery team reports no damage to fins.

recovery team member

Recovery team reports no damage to recording systems.

south lawn and Observing Pad with spectators

Flight-proven stage 1 being transported to base for next mission.

That was a lot of fun!

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