Thursday, June 22, 2017

scanned solargraph (Bradford)

Rhonda and I scanned the light sensitive paper from the pinhole camera.

We dimmed the lights in the man cave. Turned off monitor 2 of John Charles. I had rho remove the duct tape from the cover. She readied to remove the cover.

I ensured the hp scanning software preview option was turned off and the dpi was at 600.

She pulled the 5x7 sheet from the can and handed it to me. It was dry with no signs of water damage. I uncoiled it and placed it face down on the scanner bed. I placed it at the origin point [ed: Didn't need to do that.], and clicked the Scan button. It was like watching a pot boil.

At last the LaserJet stopped and the Windows bitmap was produced. After two attempts, we previewed the digital file. It worked! Launched Paint.NET to do the main edits.

I cropped, reversed the "colours," and rotated counter-clockwise. Rhonda spotted that it was backwards so I flipped horizontally.

solargraph from backyard

This represents the Sun from 18 Dec 2016 to yesterday. Solstice to solstice.

We were very happy.

Props to RASC TC and Risa and Ian W.


P.S. Rhonda said the can could be used. Indeed. Although I would invert the can, as Justin Quinnell suggested, so to take advantage of the seamless aluminium bottom.

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