Thursday, June 01, 2017

assembled 70 Oph in colour

Processed multi-star system 70 Ophiuchi in colour using the LRGB data from August last year. Used the new approach as I did with β284 on 18 May. That is, primarily, when pre-processing in FITS Liberator, I did not hit the Auto Scaling button. Came out pretty good again, I think.

multi-star system 70 Oph in colour

Luminance 5x10, each RGB 5x5.

A colourful field.

70 Oph is the centred on the bright and lovely light gold merged stars of A and B.

P is orange, Q grey, R dull orange, S white, T citrus orange, U light orange, V gold like A and B, W white, X light orange, and Y pale orange.

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