Thursday, May 04, 2017

turned off tilt

Of late, I have found the tilt-point option in SkySafari somewhat annoying. Perhaps it is because there have been many occasions where I've been demonstrating something, showing a simulated view of the sky, and, invariably, I've been facing a different direction. By way of example, I often show the southern sky while facing north. And it seemed that any slight movement, shaking or tilting, would cause the automatic pointing in SkySafari to activate with the northern sky snapping into view.

This, ironically, is possibly my favourite feature but sometimes I don't want it active! The very frustrating part was that tapping the Compass icon didn't seem to do anything permanently. A moment later, as I moved the tablet, the auto-pointing would kick in. Gar!

Checked the support page today and found a note. So I disabled the Tilt to Use option in Settings, Coordinates, Compass. It seems to work. It does not seem to automatically activate; only when I tap the Compass icon does it operate. Good. Thanks. I'll do it manually now.

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