Tuesday, May 30, 2017

shared GoToStar notes

I contacted Arnold to ask about the GoToStar mount he had recently pulled out of storage for RASC member use and for star parties. I encouraged him to ask me questions, if necessary, relaying that I had a lot of experience with the IDEA (iOptron) system.

He forwarded a report he had written up on the 'scope and mount. I provided a link to my general notes.

I said I was intrigued by him remarks about not being able to do a 3-star alignment. I told him I could on mine but suspected this was because I had updated the firmware version. But I also said it might be moot for when I tried the 3-star process I actually experienced poor pointing.

He said he could not find a way to set the slew rate. I told him I thought it was a simple matter of hitting a number key. Suggested that he review the "keys" section of my general notes page for more keypad options.

He also observed that his controller was noise, beeping loudly on key presses. I shared that I thought that adjustable...

Shared my suggestion of covering the built-in white LED light with a small piece of red film. Told him I had actually changed the red/green LED on the motor box for an orange/red!

I warned him that some of the named stars were wonky.


I shot some photos of my menu list.

GoToStar hand controller options menu

There was an option for controlling the beep sounds.

GoToStar hand controller beep menu

Simple choices obviously. But clearly the hand controller (using firmware version 090630) allowed one to operate in stealth mode.

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