Monday, May 01, 2017

is it live or...?

Rhonda peeked outside. Wispy clouds but she was able to see Jupiter, Spica, Arcturus. Showed Rhonda SkySafari with the backyard custom landscape. She really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it!

custom landscape in SkySafari

She explored a bit from the window. I turned the light off to help her adapt. She wanted to know about the stars below and right of the bright planet and star: Corvus the Crow. She spotted the 4 main stars. All around mag 2.5 to 3.0. She pointed to Crater on the screen and remarked it looked like a chalice: exactly. What was the one above Jupiter? Porrima. And further up? Auva? I doubted it. Vindemiatrix. Yes. And what about to the right of Arcturus? Muphrid. There seemed to be a good correspondence to the celestial objects and ground features.

I was happy. Height or altitude might be off a bit but overall I think it's good.

A little while later, in the simulation, I saw Graffias, Dschubba, pi Scorpii, and Antares pushing above the trees. She wasn't sure she could see them. Still low. Hazy over there. And there were bursting buds.

Simulated the rotation of the sky. rho really liked that too.

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