Saturday, May 27, 2017

looked for aurora (Trenton)

When I saw the flurry of messages in email and Facebook about possible aurora, I headed outside. I deeked into the shadows cast by the extremely bright hotel rooftop lights and looked north.

I saw many stars, the Big Dipper, three stars of Little Dipper, Cygnus rising, Gemini setting. Saw an orange coloured northbound satellite. But no aurora, sadly.

Lamented not packing my camera gear...


Enjoyed Drew's images.

Super Genius got great shots (from the Secret Place near Lake Simcoe).

Ian W captured good data (from the CAO).

Malcolm got amazing images (from the Quinte area).

Steve made some mesmerising video (from the CAO).


Venci shared a colourful shot from the CAO.

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