Sunday, May 07, 2017

saw Moon very near Jupiter (Bradford)

Peeked up while takin' the garbage out. Smattering of clouds, too many to compel me to set up a 'scope. Moonlit backyard, no surprise, from the gibbous orb. Oh ho. Bright point near Luna. 

Called rho out into the cool air. She figured it out, after a nudge. We measured the gap between Jupiter and the Moon with extended pinkies: about 2 to 2-1/2 degrees directly to the right. Spica below, getting blotted by our gas clouds. Arcturus up high to the south-east. Straight up over the house was an upside-down large dipper. As the clouds slide past, the colourful halo around the Moon bloomed.

Grabbed my old Bushnells from the kitchen in hopes of spotting Galilean moons but I was shaking too much or there was too much bright cloud. rho tried too. She found the gas giant very bright and enjoyed the surface details on our neighbour.

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