Thursday, July 07, 2016

so long Geoff

Geoff Gaherty left the Earth today.

Geoff and Andy (Schuh) were people I met before I joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Met online, virtually, on Yahoo!Groups, many years ago. Never met Andy in person; was thrilled every time I was in Geoff's presence.

They were instrumental in bolstering my confidence, extending my knowledge, and helping me. Such generous, giving human beings. I believe they contributed to my joining the RASC.

They are gone.

I took on information technology tasks in Andy's absence.

I conducted many The Sky This Month presentations over the years. I always wondered, how would Geoff do them.

I wanted to visit Geoff. Nip into the city. Say hello. Bolster him. I had tried to find a time in my calendar. I had considered a date next week.

I'll have to cross that off now.

I am so sad.

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