Tuesday, July 05, 2016

imaged NGC 7027 (Halifax)

The BGO robot imaged NGC 7027 for me. A small planetary nebula in Cygnus. One of the RASC Finest NGCs. It is an unusual shape, almost rectangular with rounded corners. Informally known as the Magic Carpet. Once again, it seems blown out, overexposed. I used similar numbers as Adam Block.

RASC Finest planetary nebula NGC 7027 luminance

Luminance only, 25 seconds subexposures, 20 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, Paint.NET. North is up; left is east.


Shot it faster on 17 July.


Shot on 29 May '18 with SBIG and retrieved H-alpha and O-III data.


Wikipedia link: NGC 7027.

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