Saturday, July 02, 2016

late night observing (Blue Mountains)

2:19. After imaging with the big 'scope, after dismounting the camera, while it took dark frames, I decided to do a bit of visual.

Viewed NGC 6823 in Vulpecula. I saw small cluster? [ed: Didn't realise, at the time, it is part of a diffuse nebula, better examined in a wide field.]

2:30. I found the view unsatisfying.

2:41. Swapped eyepieces.

2:43. Tried for Minkowski's Footprint. OK. The planetary nebula is to the right, east, of the star BD +29 03662. But the PN looks like a point source. I could not see anything notable. So no joy.

2:47. Viewed nearby SAO 87428. Neat. A flattened triangle was made up of A, B, and C. G was to the south-east. GSC 02150-2304 was opposite C from G, almost equidistant. D star faded in and out. No joy for H.

2:51. I was feeling very tired. Done.

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