Sunday, July 03, 2016

captured a gaggle (Halifax)

Knew this would be an interesting target... The BGO robot imaged MCG 4-37-34 for me, aka PGC 56094. This is a small edge-on galaxy in Serpens Caput. From the Astronomical League's thin galaxy list. It is in a gaggle of other galaxies as well as the Hickson 77.

galaxy MCG 4-37-34, group Hickson 77, and others, luminance

Luminance only, 60 seconds subexposures, 10 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, Paint.NET. North is up; left is east.

MCG 4-37-35 is a pale round fuzzy immediately left (east) of the centre galaxy.

LEDA 214424 is a small edge-on galaxy further east.

North-east of LEDA 214424 is the very small but bright almond shape of LEDA 1659534.

Due east, right at the edge of the picture, is the bright edge-on disc: LEDA 1659475.

The Hickson 77 group is near the left edge of the image. It includes 4 galaxies. Top-down is the large, somewhat dim oval. Just below it is the small oval which is the same brightness as the one above. Then there is a very bright oval. And finally a slightly larger very bright oval. Very neat! All four elements go by MCG 4-37-37, in SkyTools 3 Pro.

South of Hickson 77, near the bottom-left corner of the image is the large canted galaxy PGC 56117.

South-west of H77 is a faint edge-on galaxy, near two stars. That's MCG 4-37-38.

South of MCG 4-37-38 is a small medium-bright oval: LEDA 1656651.

There are still other small, dim galaxies in this image... Fun!

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