Saturday, July 16, 2016

happy day

We had a wonderful Star-B-Q and open house at the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory. The Friday rain cleared off. Solar observing (with some large sunspot groups), model rocket launches (soundtrack by Chris), guided nature hike, new equipment demonstrations, barbecue hotter than the surface of the Sun, door prizes for many, a surprise birthday cake, Mercury and Venus together, good conditions for night-time observing, despite a bright Moon. And for those with dew heaters. Sadly, the wind was fickle as we tried to fly kites. Everyone went home with batteries!

Many new members attended. That was a treat to show them our amazing asset. Young and old, all walks. Everyone welcome.

I was especially pleased to receive our neighbours from the east side, at last. A pleasure to meeting them both, in the summer, for a change!

Along the way, I helped one of our new supervisors get settled. He did a great job.


A photo album was set up in our private Yahoo!Group.

Ian D, our official photographer, shared photos on his flickr account.

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