Friday, May 06, 2016

took readings from ground

With Ian's handheld Sky Quality Meter, we took some readings from the Observing Pad.

The initial reading was: 21.64.

The other readings were: 21.50; 21.50; 21.48; 21.28; 21.48.

The unit said the temperature was: 13°C.

Discounting the initial reading and the second last, which appears to be a blip, the average is 21.49.


After downloading the log file from the 6th, I compared the numbers of the SQM-LE meter on the roof of the CAO...

23:00: 21.36
23:30: 21.43

00:00: 21.54

The average between 11:30 PM and midnight is 21.49.


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