Monday, May 23, 2016

captured Mars (Blue Mountains)

2:34. Wanted to video record Mars.

Quickly switched over from EOS Utility to Backyard EOS.

Slewed to the planet. Performed the Star Search.

Huh. The exposure settings were working! While in Frame & Focus, while adjusting the settings at the bottom right, I saw the appearance of the Live View changing. It was doing exposure simulation. All right. Couldn't remember what exactly I had done before but it was OK now. Doing exactly what I wanted.

Holy fire truck! Mars was amazing.

It looked like the mirror had moved, after the big slew. Redid focusing on a nearby star. Centred.

Set exposure to 1/30. Amazing detail. 1/15 was too bright. ISO 100. Daylight. Image count: 1000. Loop: 1. Save to: AVI. 5X. I could see a really dark region on the planet. The capture occurred at 7.9 frames per second.

I started to tidy up things in the observatory.

2:54. Video grab done.

Queued box showed a flashing "1." Ah. With stills, it blinks briefly, then gone...

Disconnected from the focuser.

Started the next video run. I was ready to shut down.

800 frames...

And done. Closed the observatory. Remembered to do the roof first, then the wall sections. Parked the 'scope. Torn down the camera. Packed up camera gear. Packed up laptop.

3:11. Readied to leave the GBO.

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