Tuesday, May 10, 2016

IDed stuff near 4656

Deep diving into the NGC 4656 image, I see a few small fuzzies...

Right or west main galaxy, there's a small spot, with a dim centre. It is not a well-formed oval. SkyTools 3 Professional calls this LEDA 1983264.

Left or east of the big galaxy is a tiny, bright spot, with fuzzy edges. Somewhat ovalish, ST3P says this is LEDA 1981071.

North or above the hook of the main galaxy, there's a very tiny oval shape. Aladin and SIMBAD refer to this galaxy as 2MASX J12440773+3215100.

Top-right corner of the frame, there's a small soft shape. Perhaps a distant canted spiral. Not identified.

Near the right edge of the shot, north-west of the bright double stars, a see a small oblong fuzzy patch. SIMBAD says: the NGP9 F268-2024645 galaxy.

Just below, due west of the main galaxy, I think there's a lot going on... I think there are many small faint galaxies centred around star J124304.2+321027. A galaxy group?!

Finally, at the tip of the hook there appears to be a small canted spiral galaxy. This is referred to NGC 4657 in SIMBAD (but not SkyTools).

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