Monday, May 09, 2016

had a fantastic time

A pretty amazing weekend... Rode with Katrina up to the CAO (reducing our carbon footprint) for an early start Friday.

Very good conditions meant a long observing session Friday night. Got to try star trails with interesting composition. Saturday, I was able to catch my breath. Sunday night allowed for more experimenting--photographically. And more visual astronomy. Saw some cool galaxies! Though it looked grim early Monday morning, I was able to see (visually) first and second contact of the Sun-Mercury transit.

Over the course of the weekend, I successfully tested the (self-propelled) mower on the lawn. Took inventory of motor parts and supplies. Fixed some gear. Helped with 'casting and EPO set-up. Made some minor improvements. Measured a battery. Helped sort the Star Adventurer. Helped fellow members. Caught up with a past president. Met some cool MontrĂ©al RASCals. Approved MODL changes. Participated in my first Periscope session. Saw the transit of Mercury.

All with great friends, of course.

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