Sunday, May 22, 2016

set up for Moon trail

Set up the Canon camera for a Moon trail shot. Gonna try it...

Used the Vivitar 70-210 lens. Put the polariser filter on. Used f/16. Set ISO to 100. Attached the intervalometer so I could take a really long exposure.

Used some suggestions from the Finnish photographer Janne. He used a 100-300 lens at 300 at f/8 on a Nikon D800 at ISO 100. He used a 10-stop neutral density filter. A single shot!

Spica would be in the area. Mars would rise ahead of the Moon. In daylight. 21:27. Moon rise was predicted for 22:26. Oh. Saturn was in the mix. And Antares! Might be quite interesting. Stellarium helped with the timing.

Eyeballed the alignment area.

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