Sunday, May 08, 2016

checked conditions

Back in the THO. With the computer and mouse.

A few moments ago, I put the camera out at the south edge of the south pond. The view looked good with the house and the Observing Pad. It looked like I'd get red lights bobbing around. And reflections in the water. No wind. Yeh!

Totally forgot to charge the NOCO lithium ion battery earlier in the weekend. So I plugged it in. I suspected I would need it, with a dew strap... Grabbed the cheapo LED dimmer controller. My hacked NOCO adapter.

Checked the weather. Oh. Alerts everywhere! Rain?! Sunday night? Really? Checked the Collingwood weather from Environment Canada. As of 7 PM, Sunday night. Pressure was 101.2 kPa and rising; temperature was 6.8°C; dew point 2.7; humidity 75%; wind 15 km/h from NNW. Tonight: mainly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers early; clearing this evening; wind NW at 20 km/h, gusting to 40, becoming light. Low 0 with patchy frost! Tomorrow: sunny; wind becoming NW, 20 in the morning; high of 13. Risk of frost. The warnings were for a frost advisory...

Tried to pull the local weather... Ugh. The Davis page had not updated. Damn, what now?! As of 6:01 PM. Ten minute average wind speed 8.0 km/h; from the NNNW (that explained why it was so cloud); current wind speed 8; high 27; humidity was already high at 78%; barometer 1011.2 hPa; outside temperature was 8.3°C; wind chill was 7.1; dew point 4.7.

Huh. Got a reading on the storm rain from today! 1mm. Looked like the bucket was working again...

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