Friday, May 06, 2016

to the CAO for ToM

Rode with Katrina to the Carr Astronomical Observatory. We tried my route, as suggested by Ian W: 400 to Dunlop, to Angus, up regional road 10, as the crow flies, past Hwy 26 so to bypass Stayner, Poplar Sideroad to avoid Collingwood, the switch-back, through Banks, and finally to the grounds.

A few pit-stops on the way. Supplies, in fact, right away, in Bradford. Lunch in Angus. Rejoined 10 on the other side the Peacekeepers Park.

Gah. Construction between Barrie and Angus. Made for a very slow go. Katrina wasn't happy. I wasn't happy. But we weren't on the clock.

Ian D and Ian W were on-site already. Ed T too. ID working on his SkyShed POD. IW let me crash in the trailer. That would free up one spot in the house. We were expecting a lot of people on Sunday night. So to take in the transit of Mercury early Monday morning.

After transporting the NexStar 11 from the Geoff Brown Observatory, I moved into the Tony Horvatin Observatory. Realised Phil's Tele Vue adapter wouldn't work with the current mirror diagonal. Found a stupid fly inside the OTA. Sheesh! Couldn't find the Quick Reference Guide.

We decided, in the end, to cut the lawn. Stargrazer worked great. Katrina pulled a couple of shifts. Then I did some, before dinner on the barbie!

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