Wednesday, October 29, 2014

sold calendars

Sold 2015 RASC calendars at the meeting.

Dietmar delivered them. As per our arrangement, he met us in the passenger drop-off loop in front of the Ontario Science Centre. Two full boxes plus loose ones (which I thought odd at the time). Peter had his hand-cart which eased the transfer. Although we didn't have to go far, now that we had been relocated to the Gemini room. The A/V tech had procured, upon my request, a good-sized table. I dug out my float of loonies and toonies. And Peter and I cracked open a box. Then we started flogging...

By the end of the meeting, we had sold more than one box. Immediately dispersed others, two for NOVA to Leslie, one for First Light, and one to Paul Delaney for the evening's speaker!

A great start.

Asked Peter if he wouldn't mind storing them.

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