Monday, October 06, 2014

pause please

Oh boy. NASA has ordered Space X and Boeing to halt work on their crew-rated spacecraft develop in response to a complaint by Sierra Nevada. Great. Just great. The USA is trying desperately to get back into the space taxi business while one company stirs the pot. An article appeared Jalopnik which might sum up what many are thinking: Sore Loser Puts SpaceX And Boeing Spaceship Development On Hold. Now, that said, SNC may have a legitimate complaint. If the competition wasn't fair and balanced, they have a right to challenge the decision. It is difficult for the public to know what's truly happening with all the secrecy and cloaking. But SNC's early Dream Chaser failure did not inspire confidence. Then again, I don't recall Boeing demonstrating a lot of progress, compared to Space X. Yet, it has station reboost capabilities. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has 100 days to respond.


Check that. Boeing is active.

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