Sunday, October 12, 2014

nearly done Watch

All but done the second book in the WWW series by Robert Sawyer, Watch.

Curious, these books. Very close to home. I went to University of Waterloo. I know of the Perimeter Institute, through my astronomy contacts. I'm involved in the computer industry. I'm fascinated by emergent behavior.

The connections and spinoffs are interesting. I paused to read the (real) paper The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era by Vernor Vinge. Referred to in Sawyer's book. Weird, intertwining. An real SF author talking about a read SF author in a fiction in which the SF author wrote a non-fiction piece. And I know this author, having read some of his fiction work.

A persistent image in these tomes: the view of the earth from the Moon by the Apollo 8 astronauts. An image burned into my consciousness. Must be in Sawyer's too.

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SharminC said...

O you got to read Sawyer's "Hominids"! That'll be "closer to home" for you since it all starts at the SNOLab! It was really fun for me to read because I knew exactly what he was referring to. So, after you finish "Wonder" you might enjoy "Hominids" first of the trilogy "The Neanderthal Parallax."