Thursday, October 16, 2014

crammed PCB

So freakin' annoying.

Extremely pressed for space. The tantalum capacitor is jammed between a transistor, two upright resistors, and the terminal block. Some suggested it was easier to snip out the old cap. Well, that assumes you can get sidecutters on the legs of the cap. Not an option.

Traces damaged. Desoldering from the bottom of the board, clamp on the tantalum, rocking it out. The top traces peeled up. Crikey! Made jumpers with the new capacitor legs, over to the transistor.

Hope this works...


FRU? Field Replaceable Unit? Learned about that many moons ago, IBM, work-term, Duncan Mills. FRUs. Too time consuming to fix. Throw it out.

If these tiny boards are damaged, I don't know if Ian D will want to replace them.

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