Sunday, October 05, 2014

Dec teardown

Started formal teardown of NEQ6 mount.

4:31 PM. Gently hammered out the Declination shaft. It was a bit sticky at first. Then it hung up on the lock. Completely removed the lock and the brass button. Ah ha. Shaft came out easily.

Was a little thumb screw missing from the Dec scale?

4:40. Removed the conical taper bearing. Some rust! Very evident now. Did I not already record this? Rust on the inner race. I hoped to remove some of the rust in cleaning. No paint was on the bearing, which was a good sign. The roller bearings themselves were in really good shape. No obvious signs of wear, no damage. Dry though... very little grease.

Inspected the main brass Declination gear. Really good shape.

Very little wear in the worm teeth. But, again, it showed little grease.

5:53. Borrowed Will's small Allen keys. Removed the worm gear grub screws. They were Metric, 2mm. The screws were long, over 1 cm! Removed the worm gear assembly.

6:17. Inspected the top of mount at Dec worm interface. All OK. There was no overspray paint on bearing or the bearing edges. The bearing faces at the taper bearing were OK. No overspray.

All the main sealed bearings were in excellent shape. Rubber seals intact. Smooth motion. No binding. No play.

7:10. Removed the slotted bolt for the worm gear. I found hardened glue behind it which blocked the removal of the bearing. Scraped clean.

The two small sealed bearings were in excellent shape. No damage to the metal seals. Smooth motion. No binding. No play.

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