Sunday, October 12, 2014

reviewed tracker parts

Inspected the parts from Ian W for the barn door tracker. That he handed to me at the CAO. Electrical and mechanical. I was very pleased to receive the gears and pre-formed threaded rod. And the ¼-20!

The capacitors are different than what I was expecting, different than Ian's schematic.

part expected received
C2 non-polarised 0.1 0.01
C3 polarised 10 0.22
C4 polarised 100 1.0

I didn't think C2 would matter too much. But I thought the C3 and C4 wildly off. How would it impact things? These are for smoothing. On the input side (even though on a battery) and output (for consistent tracking).

The multi-turn potentiometer was also different. The circuit said 500 ohms; the provided one was 1000.

The diodes were different. 1N4003 as opposed to 1N4004. I didn't think this would matter. The power rating of the 3 was still more than sufficient for the project.

The big surprise was the motor. When I removed it from it's bag, I noted the battery pack what was attached. Huh. To hold one D type battery. And that, in turn, meant the motor would operate on 1.5 volts. Half the rating as specified by Gary Seronik.

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