Friday, July 04, 2014

tons of spots (Blue Mountains)

The Sun was incredible active! In addition to the flares, it was covered in sunspots.

Most of the sunspots were large and complex. I identified all of them.

Spot 2109 was huge complex near eastern edge. 2108 was west of 2109 and very complex. 2104 was near centre, also complex. 2107 to the southeast was large. 2110 was a tiny one southeast of 2108. Saw 2102 in the centre. And 2106 to the northeast of centre. I could not see the 2100 complex.

Good seeing!

Amazing view today. Everyone enjoyed it. Photo by Tom.


Tom wanted to know who officially numbered the spots. I wasn't sure. But later I stumbled across the answer: the Solar Influences Data Center in Belgium.

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