Sunday, July 13, 2014

discussed media back-ups

Touched base with Jason.

He said he was to leave for the US of A on Thursday but he was still awaiting work visa stuff. So now he didn't know when he was going exactly...

Acknowledged my inquiry about the RASC media files. I asked for the Illustrator, Photoshop, and font files. As well as any critical image-use emails.

Jason said there was about 10 to 20 GB worth of data. No surprise there. He said he told Ralph that it would be "simplest to upload them to an FTP." Agreed.

Said he did not have the "harddrive connected with those files" at the moment. We'll need to tend to that in short order.

Said he could "send files on an as needed basis" since he was still a member. But that doesn't support our back-up/resilience plan.

He said he had sent the EPS and logo formats several times over the past few years. Not sure exactly what he meant by that but I suspected he was referring to the JPGs and other low-rez files. Regardless, I didn't see them anywhere, not in a common shared area. Not in the Operations group. Charles didn't see anything in the Council group. So we still don't have back-up or resilience.

The least attractive option was physical media. "DVD would be the least practical for me as I have no blank media and would have to mail them." We'll buy you discs then. It'd be real good to have physical copies for additional coverage.

He offered, once settled in August, to upload to the server. Good plan.

He said, "I'm easy, and happy to turn them over any way you guys want." Good. The move is complicating things but we need to deal with this promptly and with diligence.

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