Saturday, July 05, 2014

spotted Mars above Moon (Blue Mountains)

Spotted an orange dot over the bright Moon. Less than half a degree. A conjunction (truly)! Lovely.

Shot different exposures for possible combining. But this is a single shot. North is up; east is left.

Canon 40D, Tele Vue 101, 1/400 seconds, ISO 1600, manually focused, Paramount ME unguided, daylight white balance shot, self-timer. Doctored in DPP: brightness dropped, 4200 K, contrast dropped, colour tone bumped, saturation bumped, sharpness bumped.


Learning from Patrick recently that a conjunction is, technically, when the objects have the same right ascension. At 10:13 PM, the Moon and Mars would be at RA 13h 13m and 54s. If the objects are not at the same RA, then it is an appulse.

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