Wednesday, July 09, 2014

delivered disjoint TSTM

Delivered The Sky This Month presentation to the RASC Toronto Centre at the Ontario Science Centre. For the balance of July and the first week of August. Used the Horvatin laptop, which worked—overall—very well. It would have worked even better when plugged into AC power.

The first failure I encountered was the result of plugging into a power bar which I assumed was in turn plugged into a receptacle. The second issue encountered was Windows 7 deciding to apply several updates. Crikey. So much for my considered preparation, transferring my speakers notes into the slide deck, and using Presenter View. I scrambled near the end of my presentation trying to remember the last few slides. Gah. I had to practice what I preach.

Provided approx. 60 handouts. I'm not sure it was enough.


Article page now live on the RASC TC web site. And it is backed up on my site, in the presentations section.

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