Sunday, July 06, 2014

captured Catalina - steady (Blue Mountains)

Captured Catalina again. This time I tracked the comet. I.e. stars streaking, comet fixed. Now the cometary tails are visible. Initially shot 3 minutes; then 4.

This was my first ever tracked comet photo! Easy to do with TheSky 6 and the Paramount. Mount sounds funny, a different note, not surprisingly. I was very happy.

Canon 40D, Tele Vue 101, f/5.4, 4 minutes, ISO 1000, RAW, daylight white balance. North is left; east is down.


Also captured by tracking the comet at sidereal speed. Made a short GIF movie with these shots...


Originally posting erroneously noted the telescope as a Celestron 14.


Wikipedia link: C/2013 UQ4.

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