Saturday, July 05, 2014

reviewed polar alignment methods

Helped Wayne to polar align his equatorial telescope mount. I showed him the "pattern method," that is, using the etchings in the reticule. And reinforced that Polaris was to go into the little circle; not the centre.

I also wanted to show Wayne the method using the scales on the right ascension axis. I talked about how one scale corresponded to the year, with monthly divisions, and subdivisions for (2) days. Look, February or "2" is the smallest. [ed: Still makes me wonder why they don't use words... I guess it is a language, translation issue.]

I briefly mentioned the latitude declination offset scale.

Then I pointed out the other scale that ran from 0 to 23: that was the clock. A year scale for the date and a 24-hour scale for the time. The only problem was that I was not sure about the operation of his dials because one of his moved. So I promised to figure that out. [ed: Simply set to zero at the start.]

Drift aligned we'd leave to another day too.


When checking the cabling and power for Wayne's mount, I knocked something. I think, in the dark, I hit the GFCI reset! It took down Risa's mount. She was upset; I was embarrassed.

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