Friday, April 11, 2014

verified supernova location

Did some digging into supernova SN 2014a in ACO 779, which I imaged a short time ago. Double-checked the position noted in SkyTools.

The ST3P Context Viewer chart is centred on the exploding star.

My photo from 5 April clearly shows a bright point in this location. To the right of the galaxy core. Forming a right-angle triangle with J091946.4+334529 and J091947.8+334605. Between J091946.4+334529 and J091939.9+334632.

And I checked the area with the Aladin previewer. No star in the Aladin image.

I think SN 2014ai is about the same brightness as J091946.4+334529 and brighter than J091947.8+334605 and J091939.9+334632.

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